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Fee Only

Macdonald, Shymko & Company Ltd. (MSC) was a pioneer in the provision of comprehensive Fee Only financial advice when we established our firm in 1972.  Fee Only Financial Planning and Portfolio Management services refers to the method by which your Financial Advisor is compensated for his or her time and advice. Fee Only Financial Advisors are compensated only by their clients and do not accept commissions or compensation from any outside sources. Fee Only Financial Advisors  do not sell or represent any financial products. 

Traditionally, financial advisors have been paid a commission from the companies whose products they sell and/or based on the completion of a transaction. As the advisors are being paid directly by the company whose products they are selling or based on the volume of sales, the potential for a conflict of interest exists.  Because Fee Only Advisors do not sell financial products, this potential conflict of interest is minimized. Fees for financial planning services are based on our hourly rates and a percentage of the portfolio managed for Portfolio Management.

Our Fee Only Financial Advisors adhere to the Mission, Core Values and Vision Statement of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the Fee-Only professional financial planning association from the United States. Doug Macdonald is NAPFA’s only Canadian based NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor. The NAPFA Mission, Core Values and Vision Statement are as follows:

To promote the public interest by advancing the profession of financial planning based upon all of our core values, thereby improving the quality of clients’ lives.


  • Competency:  Requiring the highest standards of proficiency in the industry.
  • Comprehensive:  Practicing a holistic approach to financial planning.
  • Compensation:  Using a Fee-Only model that facilitates objective advice.
  • Client-centered: Committing to a fiduciary relationship that ensures the client’s interest is always first.
  • Full Disclosure:  Providing an explanation of fees and potential conflicts of interest.

The public recognizes that NAPFA advocates the highest standards for personal financial planning and that NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors are the most trusted advisors of choice.

Please visit the NAPFA website ( more information regarding Fee-Only financial advisory services.

Feel free to click on this link to see an article on MSC’s history as highlighted in a NAPFA magazine issue (NAPFA Article – Bridget McCrea, August 2000).

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