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Comprehensive Financial Advice

Macdonald, Shymko & Company Ltd.’s (MSC’s) Fee Only Financial Advisors adhere to a rigorous and comprehensive approach to our clients’ financial affairs, with the singular focus of helping our clients to achieve their financial and related life goals. As Fee Only Financial Advisors, we consider various approaches in helping a client achieve his or her financial goals, as our compensation is not tied to the sale of a product.

Most of our clients engage us on a long-term basis, which allows us to develop and maintain a dynamic financial plan that meets their changing needs, goals, values and life circumstances. Our clients include executives, business owners, professionals, professors, retirees, philanthropists and those who require comprehensive financial planning and portfolio management advice. Our clients are motivated to achieve their life goals, and have sufficient income or financial assets that a comprehensive Fee Only Financial Advisor is able to provide value. Our clients recognize the value of having an independent and objective professional advisor focused on the achievement of their financial goals.

Our process is summarized as follows:

1)  Exploratory Meeting

With your completed Three-Page MSC Client Questionnaire (MSC Exploratory Meeting Form) as the basis, we discuss your goals, needs, preferences, priorities, obstacles and opportunities.  We consider mutually whether an ongoing relationship would be of value to you and if so, what your expectations of an ongoing advisory relationship are.  Please call us to arrange a meeting.

2)  Discovery Phase

In this phase of our relationship we develop a more comprehensive understanding of your situation and develop our preliminary analysis. This analysis is based on your responses to our comprehensive questionnaire and the information from our Exploratory Session.

 3)  Financial Plan

Following our initial analysis, we typically provide a written Comprehensive Financial Plan, which serves as a blueprint for achieving your financial and related goals.  As appropriate, we address Cash Management, Estate Planning, Income Tax Planning, Risk Management and Insurance, Business Succession Planning, Gifting, Retirement and Investment Planning, and outline short and long-term action steps that will lead to the achievement of your goals.

 4)  Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning and Portfolio Management

Your financial affairs, needs and goals are dynamic, so we take an active role in managing your Plan as Financial Planning is not a one time event.  This includes ongoing financial planning, portfolio management, topical discussions regarding changing life circumstances, and frequently, personal Income Tax Return preparation. Where your Financial Plan indicates the need for more specialized insurance, accounting or legal advice, we are your quarterback for these outside services.   Of course, if you already have other professional relationships, we are pleased to work with your team.

Portfolio Management

It is our goal to make sure that your wealth outlives you.

MSC’s Portfolio Management services are based on the Asset Class approach to investing and every portfolio is customized according to the client’s specific goals and risk tolerance.  An Investment Policy Statement serves as the foundation upon which all investment decision are based, allowing for a structured and disciplined approach.  We work hard to minimize costs and deliver value.

MSC’s Fee Only Financial Advisors and Portfolio Managers are registered in the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario to provide securities advice on a non-discretionary and discretionary basis.  Portfolios are invested through a third-party custodian who provides monthly statements.

Fees for Portfolio Management are based on a percentage of the assets managed and are completely transparent.

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