The Globe and Mail – Financial Facelift by Dianne Maley

web_gmm“Natasha and Trent face a momentous decision. In less than a year, they plan to quit their jobs, sell their Vancouver condo and move to a much less expensive town in Eastern Ontario.  She is 55 and he 57 – young to be putting up their feet and living off their savings for another 30 or 40 years. “It’s a big decision to make because if we quit our jobs and realize shortly after that we do not have sufficient investments to live off, it will be difficult to find work again,” Natasha writes in an e-mail. They have no pensions whatever so how they invest their savings is critical. They hope to clear enough money from the sale of their Vancouver condo to buy a comfortable house in their new location. We asked Gina Macdonald, financial planner and portfolio manager at Macdonald Shymko & Co. Ltd. in Vancouver, to look at Natasha and Trent’s situation.”  Click here to read the rest of this article

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